KingBai Journey Of Two
The short tale of the journey between two friends in a fantasy world.
fssdragon Sora and Seijuro
Yasuraoka Sora is a recluse. She spends her time questioning whether her life is even worth living anymore. Tohsaka Seijuro is the most popular kid in the school. He spends his time studying and working diligently towards his goals. By appearance, the two couldn't possibly be more different, but what if they are exactly what the other is looking for?
_Kaitlin_ We The Sickest: Contest Version
As a misfit teen, Hazel hated society. She was bullied and picked on, eventually leading to depression. Now, as the catalyst of the apocalypse, she can do whatever she pleases to whoever she wants. But how far is too far? Will Hazel lose her humanity? Or was it gone the moment her world ended?
ShaneFreak The World Only For Me
A bad transverse sometimes benefits too. Let's get on the journey with our little Lin and travel through the new world and discover the undiscovered.
WilliamER The Reincarnation of the Greatest Talent
Him who became the worlds greatest talent died in a unfortunate way. Spencer Brady had always been the best in whatever he sets his mind to from a young age. At 10 he had solved a formula which had become a headache for mathematicians for centuries. At 14 he graduated Harvard becoming the youngest person to graduate from there. At 17 he became millionaire after he successfully developed a new software...